Monday, March 30, 2020

Draw Rosebud

I would love to show you how to draw a dog, but there are too many different dogs, so I will just have to show you how to draw all the dogs. I'll start with Rosedbud.

THis is my dog Rosebud.

If dogs are all so different how do other dogs know if other dogs are dogs? 

TO pronounce Rosebud’s name you should sigh it out long and whispery “ROOOoooosebudddd”  
Rosebud’s best trick is “Stay” because she never moves…unless there is bacon.

She is named after a sled and a Basselope and most resembles in personality my high school  U.S. History teacher, Rosie Mckay. If Rosebud was an inspirational wizard, she would probably have a lot of spells about bacon, and I think we would be in a lot of trouble.

I bet my dog is weirder that yours.

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