Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Draw a Polar Bear

Yesterday was a hard day. Horses are hard to draw. Was the day extra hard because horses are hard to draw?

Sometimes life gives you horses to draw.

Lets just draw polar bears today. Give yourself a break. slow down. There is no rush. 

Just a little rush so that we don’t melt all the icebergs and destroy awesome things like Polar Bears. 

Breathe and draw some circles. if you draw this on white paper, you don’t even have to color. If you draw this on lined paper…boom, you have a striped polar bear.

Drawing is fun. These drawing lessons are the base to add things to. What could you add to this PB? a PB sandwich. 6-7 legs? Is it just poking its head out of the water? 
If you like carnage, is it devouring a seal? hey, its what they do.

Drawing is so fun I wrote a book that is coming out this fall called “When I draw a Panda”
For now let’s do this!

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