Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spy Paper Dolls

So lately, we have been ninja enthusiasts, ninjaphiles? And in our very academic research on Wikipedia we learned that there were women ninjas or kunoichi. One woman in particular was very cunning, Lady Chiyome, had a school which taught the arts of the geisha but which was actually a front for teaching the arts of the Ninja. (cue gong sound effect)

Loved Paper dolls as a kid. I had a set which included Princess Di and baby William. The rest of the royal gang were included, but I never cut them out. Sorry, your grace.


  1. that is awesome... hehe.
    I recently watched a Kurosawa movie called Ran. Reeeaally sad, but reaaally good. There's a scary queen character I think you'd be scared of too.
    (PS not for kids!!!!)

  2. Do your kids realize how lucky they are to have such an amazingly fun and talented mom?!

  3. Fantastic. Everything about this post. I've don't know the above Phyllis, but I agree with her comment wholeheartedly!

  4. Wow, I see that spy brain is going strong, concocting disguises aplenty. I LOVE this! (But now I'll know it's you when a ninja geisha comes to my door . . .)

  5. I'm sure I would have been 'a different woman' if I had a Lady Chiyome paper doll! Wonderful! i think I only had home-made ones...I remember my sister drawing a lot of 1970s cloth for her paper dolls...

  6. @Mai
    Ran is not for the faint-hearted, but I saw it years ago. It is based on King Lear or Macbeth or something? Kurosawa is amazing. I just saw an exhibit of his paintings and Suprise Suprise he is also an amazing artist. Totally unfair, like Beautiful actresses that come out with amazing voices.

    @Phylllis and Lizzy
    Well if I was really a good mom I would have cut them out for the kids too.

    @ Laurent
    BAHHH!!! You saw through my disguise??!! I thought I would blend in so well on the upper west side.
    I do love spies

    @ Aputsiaq
    Seriously. Where was Lady CHiyome then? sigh...
    I would like to see Lady C in the ring with Snow White.

  7. Your paper dolls are wonderful! My favorite collection as a kid was Great Women Paper Dolls (Bellerophon Books). The dolls included Sappho, Queen Boudicca (a Celtic queen), Lady Murasaki, Joan of Arc, and beatrice Potter, among others. And you got to color them yourself. Great fun.

  8. Catherine,
    that Great Women Paper Doll set sounds right up my alley!! I want one. (I think Paper Dolls are really about the accessories not the fashion: chinese stars, pet mice)

    I wonder what the new Royal couple's paper dolls will look like?