Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hedgehog in the time of Covid

Hedgehogs seem like a perfect mascot for the Anti-Covid league.  I like you and am friendly and also STAY SPIKE DISTANCE AWAY.

How is your cabin fever?

I have to admit that I personally have a fairly high tolerance for hiding and avoiding, but I understand that all people are not me. As a result of all people not being me, I am being forcibly evicted from my attic to go backpacking today.  Now I love the idea of backpacking. I used to go backpacking from time to time even though I haven’t been for a few years. However someone I love happened to go backpacking recently with old college friend which made person I love have many new thoughts about backpacking.

My worries and thoughts are:

Will I be cold?
Will my backpack be heavy?
Will I be eaten by snake?
Will I see a hedgehog? 

I hear all the time from people “ALL I can draw is a stick person” a million times I have heard this. What I wouldn’t give to hear “All I can draw is a hedgehog”


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