Monday, March 30, 2020


Today I am a frog.
My little girl said this after being found covered head to toe with green marker. Why limit yourself to paper? What animal could you be today?

2 weeks into this confinement you might be looking for some creative ways to curse and insult people. Let’s take a look into a book then:

One book that I love is Willard R. Espy’s “Children’s Almanac of Word’s at Play.”
Illustrated by Bruce Cayard

March 20

Some perfectly innocent words sound like curses if you say them angrily. Take for instance Flowers:

You lousewort!
You devil’s bit scabious!
You hen bit dead nettle!
You swine cress!
You pignut!
You moneywort loosestrife!
You creeping toadflax!
I will be sharing excerpts from Espy’s daily advice from time to time, because. Look for it at your library when it reopens.
Its out of print which is a shame, so isn’t it good that we have a library?

Oh library I love you.

You Pignut!

I love books. I wrote a book called “When I Draw a Panda” It is coming out this fall. And spring it here so fall will come eventually.
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