Thursday, April 2, 2020

Draw DD and Winston

Everyone is missing somebody. Even Rosebud is missing some friends. I know this because we saw her doggy friends from a distance the other day and she gave a miniscule little almost imperceptible tail wag, which for her means “I like you.” DD and Winston were much more demonstrative, from a distance.

So these are her friends DD and Winston. I like them because they are lovely and also they are almost each others opposite. Where one is short, the other is tall, where one is a mop of hair the other has very tidy short hairs. 

Aren’t dogs wonderful.

I miss all the dogs.

Aren’t dogs better than people?

If I could have a canyon and fill it with dogs and a cabin, I would. I would do that. I would grow old and reclusive and legendary as the old lady with the dogs who lives in the canyon. On full moon nights you would hear me howling.

I have built a fortress of sanity in my attic.

Can you draw your dog? Please show me! Always show me your drawings. I love them. Every single one.

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