Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The New Kid on the Blog

My first post of a new year and it is going to be about a Blog.

(blŏg) n. scandinavian a large thick-witted beastie that lives under ground, under bridges or in a Bog. If exposed to sunlight will turn to stone.

In addition this particular Blog enjoys shopping a Ikea for things that sound like the word Blog- of which there are many. This chair for example which comes in red or black. Blog chose red. Also, being a beastie of little imagination he eats only Blogna, a sandwich meat which bares
little if any resemblance to food.


  1. You make me laugh, Amy. So witty, you are.

  2. I need a pet blog. Healy would really enjoy wrestling with it, but it might upset Toby.

  3. Cool that you have a blog now! Im a peer, and I try to keep up with alot of different illustrators! Your work is cool! Peace out!


  4. My blog died. I found him floating belly-up in cyberspace a few months ago.