Thursday, March 26, 2020

Draw a Tiger and a Lion

Are you a person who likes deals? Do you like coupons? Do you like the words 3-for-the-price-of-one?

Of course you do.

This might blow you mind a little, because it did me when I learned it. Lions and tigers (hang on, why do lions come first if you say lions and tigers? try saying tigers and lions. gross. Lions and tigers, then)
are almost anatomically exactly the same. Only an expert can tell their skeletons apart. What?? When I was a kid, the zoo by my house had a Liger which is when a tiger and a lion have a baby?? What?? 

Dr. Moreau moonlighting as a zookeeper? wrong wrong wrong. 

I digress

Because lions and tigers are so similar, if you learn to draw a tiger, you just learned to draw a lion too. 
I bet you don’t even need me to tell you how to do that.
If you do, here it is:
don’t add stripes
make the head into a sun for a male lion and don’t do the sun thing for a female lion.

don’t draw a Liger. don’t make ligers. just don’t.

I illustrated a book called “Christian the Hugging Lion,” and that is when I fell down the lion-tiger rabbit hole. Go check it out at your library when libraries are open again. And they will be, because libraries are the most important thing.

Isn’t drawing the best? 
I love it so. I even wrote a book about it called, “When I Draw a Panda”
It comes out this fall.

Now go draw, and show me?

P.S. How many kinds of big cats will work with this recipe? I don’t know… mountain lion? jaguar? lynx? leopard? Fiona, the cat that torments my dog Rosebud? If you find out, let me know.

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