Friday, September 18, 2020



I like how otters have pockets. How clever is that? They can keep their tools and knick knacks and lucky rocks and frog figurine collection handy and I just bet it sparks joy.
When it comes to pants and coats and sweaters and clothes and otters: I mean if IT doesn’t have pockets…don’t even talk to me.
Why are pockets sewn shut sometimes? Why are pockets sometimes made only one inch deep? so that you are constantly thinking you have a pocket, but actually a one inch pocket is worse than no pocket at all?
All I want is pockets that are big enough that I could put a toddler in one and a yorkshire terrier in the other.

Otters are the hairiest animal.
There has to be a hairiest animal on earth, and it turns out that that animal is the sea otter.

Paul McCartney likes pockets, not in a weird way, he just does. I read that somewhere.

Otter than that I don’t know anything about otters.

this otter is for @forlizzle

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