Friday, September 18, 2020



Cats have the most beautiful eyes. Dogs I love you and your eyes are lovely gravy pools. But cats eyes?
Cats and I have been social distancing for many years.
I am so allergic.
i used to be unallergic, happily petting cats and not getting hives and swollen eyes and inability to breathe out of lung. So either the cats all conspired against me personally, or my body did. I’m not sure which.
One time I was riding on a bus in Germany, talking to my cousin about cats and how I was allergic, and a woman overheard our conversation and angrily said “YOU don’t LIKE CATS!!! I suppose you don’t like Star Trek either!!” For the record I never said I don’t like cats.
I have done 4 cat books and one lion book. I love cats. From six feet away.

Cocoa @ellashatzie
Fiona my neighbor
Farley @laurentlinn
Tigerlily @therileybrood
Mulan @whistlestopbookshop
Sylvie @sharonincarlisle
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