Thursday, April 2, 2020

Draw a Bird

Instructions are a funny thing.



Magic words

Do this and you will be ok. I personally have a hard time obeying just anyone, however the right set of instructions are incredibly comforting.  

So, here I have a favorite list of instructions that I have absolute faith in. They come from a story that I like called “The singing soaring Lark,” and it is by the Brothers Grimm.

The words are what the North Wind tells a girl who is looking for a lost white dove, who is really a lion, who is really a prince.

The night wind then said to her, 
I will advise thee;
go to the Red Sea, 
on the right bank are some tall reeds, count them, 
break off the eleventh, and strike the dragon with it, 
then the lion will be able to subdue it, and both then will regain their human form. 
After that, look round and thou wilt see the griffin which is by the Red Sea; 
swing thyself, with thy beloved, on to his back, and the bird will carry you over the sea to your own home. 
Here is a nut for thee, when thou are above the center of the sea, let the nut fall, 
it will immediately shoot up, and a tall nut-tree will grow out of the water on which the griffin may rest;
for if he cannot rest, he will not be strong enough to carry you across, 
and if thou forgettest to throw down the nut, he will let you fall into the sea."

I trust the North WInd.
For now, Stay safe, friendly but far, the North Wind says so.

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