Monday, November 21, 2011


I cannot believe a whole year has come and gone. Last year I realized in many ways how important the ritual of holidays are to me in the slow clicking pace of the year.
A few thoughts:
Last year we had no turkey-turkey being an American bird (remember Benjamin Franklin)- and us being in Japan. Here's the thing. I didn't miss it. The turkey that is.

As I was saying about Benjamin Franklin. A very practical genius. The kind of guy who would invent the Lazy-Boy and the Clapper. What? Oh, right, sorry he DID invent the Lazy boy and the clapper. That is my point.

The very first mention of Tofu in a western source is in a letter from Benjamin Franklin describing his curiosity about a sort of "Chinese cheese" made from a bean and called Tau-foo.
I wonder what Ben Franklin would have thought of Tofurkey. I think he would have approved.
see the letter here

Yes, so I didn't miss the turkey. The whole meal just isn't about that for me.
My dilemma is the gravy though. Gravy. Absolutely essential. fake is no good. You MUST have real juices from the cooked bird. So I'm afraid it is looking bad for the turkey.

I have planned out my attack on the Thanksgiving meal in this handy pie chart. I feel pretty good about it.

this is not a picture of Ben Franklin.

have a happy holiday

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  1. are you eating in the Pit of Despair?

    I think the turkey would approve, even if Franklin didn't...