Monday, October 31, 2011

...and a ghost story

Last Thursday I was having dinner at the Society of Illustrators. I was sitting with my back to the the big glass doors that go out onto the balcony. Midway through the dinner the big glass doors blew in, and I thought who on earth just came in. A breeze floated in and goosebumps went straight up my spine. We closed the doors and that was it.

Later I was talking to Kate and I asked her if the Society has any ghosts. She said strange unexplained things happen there all the time. They suspect it is the ghost of Mead Schaeffer. Apparently he had a heart attack right where I was sitting!

Mead Schaeffer, incidentally is one of my heroes, and I would happily be haunted by him anytime.
A Well known illustrator through the midcentury, he was good friends with Norman Rockwell. You might recognize his backside.

Here is one of his paintings of the Count of Monte Cristo. He also did lots of pirates!

Happy Halloween


  1. That is supremely awesome, Amy. Being haunted by a classical illustrator is not a bad thing :)

  2. wow... drooling over that painting of the Count!
    I agree with Julia... maybe you could crit each other... or have nice 1am conversations about composition and favorite novels!

  3. Julia! It was so good see you again.

    Mai, The count is delish isn't he?

    Happy Halloween from the both of us.

    me & mead

  4. oh I love this shadowy image you shared of the upstairs balcony...great Gorey-like atmosphere! I will look for sir Mead when I visit next...