Saturday, November 6, 2010


A bit of fun this week. LOTs of sketching, so here are a few from my sketch book:

Geisha or actually Maiko

In the land that is Japan, I had a chance (rare) to draw a Geisha or Maiko- an apprentice Geisha. They are sort of like the Pork in the Pork n' Beans, because you just don't see them very often. Sometimes Foreigners have a little stereotype of being what you might call Geisha-obsessed. (whatever-like everyone isn't). I'm just saying I am not one of those people. :0

Tricky- to draw someone in full makeup
-to draw someone in such a rigid stagnant pose
-to draw all the fabulous textiles- which I gave up on in the end
Fun- to draw Geisha!!!

I can't say much about some of the other things in my sketchbook, legally speaking. Well, I'll speak very quietly so don't tell. fairies. and pirates.


  1. Fairies and pirates are two of my favorite things! Pirate fairies! Fairy pirates!

  2. big fat ugly pirate with one tooth with dainty little wings..hee hee I better draw that

  3. these are nice. I wish I could draw them from life... I'm sure the clothing was overwhelming but your drawings look very vibrant to me!