Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last week was the Original Art Show Opening at the Society of Illustrators. It was a fabulous evening, and I met Eric Carle. He was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society. Lots of other people that I knew by name -both illustrators and designers, publishers, art directors.

Lots of beautiful artwork. Get out and go see it all for yourself- if you are in New York.

Since I was without my little ones, I had loads of free time to sketch like mad. Here are some folks on the subway.

Is one of them you? I was the person trying to pretend she wasn't sketching anyone.


  1. I just love them! A funny thing is that all over the world ( if I know.. ;O)...!!!) you tend not to look at other people in the there is this unwritten rule not to...and people are doing a huge job trying to keep up a private sphere in the crowd....and I actually love to look at people, but also try my best not to; I'm not good at it...great to know that artist sometimes do it to :OD

  2. oooh I know, I definitely feel sneaky doing it. But I am such a people watcher. No one even noticed-
    I just love how different everyone looks, in feature and fashion, and how relaxed and natural people's poses tend to be.