Friday, September 17, 2010

What a summer...

Many of you know that we are living in Japan for a year. If not, now you do, I guess. Before we made it to Japan we were at my Sister-in-law's wedding. Happy Day! Before that we drove across the country from New York to Utah. Before that I was in New York City as assitant chair to the Society of Illustrators Original Art Show. I met a load of great fellow illustrators and had a generally amazing time. I also got a look at the archives which included stacks of Dulac(love Him), Dean Cornwell, Charles Dana Gibson. On and on.

I am not sure why I told that story in reverse.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, about South Dakota to be precise, we accidentally hit more motorcycles than I will ever see in my life. Sturgis, South Dakota is a mid-summer Mecca to 70,000 motorcycling crazy people. I am the only one in the universe who did not already know about this. Well I love people-watching. So, here are a few lovelies:


  1. I always love seeing your sketches Amy!

    Wow! Japan? What took you to that part of the world? I guess that means you will miss the annual Highlight's illustrator's party this year? ;) I don't get to enjoy it this year either but hope to be back next.

    Blessings to you and your family in Japan!

  2. I blogged about you snotface, so check it out. I love you and miss you guys pretty bad. It's in case you wrote it down on a gum wrapper. Love you.

  3. My dad and I hit Sturgis during bike week years ago-- there's nothing like it, no?