Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sky and Spy

Have you ever had the experience of having an incredible idea and getting so excited about it only to find out later that either it wasn't original or that someone had already done it regardless. Well anyway its a bummer not to mention confusing. Like when George Harrison got sued for unintentionally using the the tune of "He's so Fine" (which I don't buy anyway). Not that anything like that has happened! I just had to was the slate clean on a little idea I had in the back of my mind. These are a couple of characters that ARE mine. I love designing characters. love, love, love...


  1. Great drawings, Amy! Hope you and your family are doing well over in Japan (!!!). We'll miss you at the Original Art opening. And, unfortunately yes, I know that squashed idea feeling...hope you'll come up with two more in place of that one :)

  2. Thanks! Japan is pretty exciting, but I am still planning on showing up for the opening.
    As for the squashed idea thing it might have forced me in a direction that is going to work better anyway.
    hope you're feeling better