Friday, February 24, 2012

Two different scanners and some butterflies

So here are two different scans of the same image. Done on two different scanners. One is a a big sweet scanner and one is my little Cannon scanner. I'm not saying which is which, but I am curious which one people like better. Also I would love to know what scanners you are using and if you have any recommendations on worthwhile scanners.



  1. The illustration is amazing,but if I heve to choose I will say the second one.It's more delicate:)

  2. I like the second one because it's brighter. Makes it seem more cheerful than moody/sad. I'm curious which one is more like the original though. Also curious to hear scanner recommendations.

  3. The one on top as a lot more detail. The one on the bottom is really washed out - like the holes in the watering can, or the tufts of hair on the boys head, and in the clouds. It has a brighter feel, but loss of integrity. I prefer the one on top.

  4. I prefer the second one but your art is beautiful, either way.

    I use an Epson 10000 XL and have had great luck with it. But I always have to tweak a bit in PS to get the optimal scan.

  5. oddly enough I kind of like the first one more... but I think it looks more like there was an underpainting or something. I think the second one is probably more desirable because it is more bright?
    ... why is this so hard?

  6. Thankyou Thankyou! for all your comments, it really helps. The second is my home scanner which is a small Cannon. Like Allison said it has lost integrity. I also worked on the colors a little in Photoshop. I am suprised that most people picked this one.

    I think the original lies somewhere in between, but I don't really think either achieved what I wanted. The blues and the yellows are very difficult to get right. Has anyone else found this true?

    Thanks for the recommendation Phyllis.

    Thankyou again everyone, this issue has been messing with my head a little bit


  7. actually, this has been a problem for me as well.
    My husband's work has an Epson XL oversize scanner that I like, but my home HP scanner seems to capture color better... but its dying! Scanner suggestions are definitely needed!!!!
    For me, the greens seem to come out neon... so I think yellow messes with the scans a lot.
    I will be checking back to see if anyone has the "solution scanner." ;)
    -publishers seem to have great scanners... I wonder what they use???

  8. I would definitely start with the first image. Looks like it captured more of the integrity of your lovely illustration. I would then play around in the "Curves" enhancement in Photoshop to correct any problems. Rarely can I simply scan an illustration without enhancing it in "Levels" or saturation.

  9. I prefer the bottom as well. I use a mustek scanner that I got off of amazon. I got it originally to scan in black and white comic book art but the way it picks up color is $150 I've ever spent!

  10. I also use the Mustek scanner, in fact, I upgraded it to a new Mustek model this past year.

    Look at the bottom scan, particularly at the left of the water can.
    See how washed out it is? You can barely see two of those flowers.

    On the top scan, with a little adjustment in Photoshop, it can go from dark to a great color image.

  11. THis is so helpful! I think this is the scanner I am going to get

    SOMEONE STOP me if it will ruin my life.

    I read or heard somewhere that the basic parts of the scanner are made by one or two companies out there. It is the software that sets things apart. :) I actually have no idea if that is true, but I feel like there is some good ju-ju going for the Mustek 11x17.

    Stacy(how are the pigs?), Kim, Mai, Bozz, everyone thanks for the advice, I hope it helps others out there too.

    And happy leap year day,

  12. I'm late to the party as usual. My PB group suggested Epson, but I've never had a scanner which didn't disappoint me. Do you think you could scan this same illustration with your new scanner and post it, so we can all compare?

  13. interesting...the darker one matches the sullen expression and wonderment...and the bright one reminds me a morning and sending the kids outside to play. so its a toss up, personally i like the sunny one better...butterflies fly when its warm.

  14. Good idea, Towncat. I'll do that.

    So true Annalisa. :)