Monday, September 26, 2011


I guess I'll start this up again by saying that it feels good to be back at my drawing table. I am feeling like Monday will be my new sketch day. When things get busy sketching is the first thing to go, but I have been missing it. So here's to feeling good.

I also started exercising again. I am trying a spinning class. I actually just figured out that "spinning" is the same as indoor cycling. I had heard of "spinning," but the image I had in my mind was of people sitting on something like those little kid spinning wheels you sit on and turn the wheel which spins you around.

or plate spinning.


  1. Another wonderful sketch, Amy! Good lucking with the "spinning". :)

    It was so great seeing all of your previous blog sketches in person at the Highlight's Illustrator's party. What a treat! They are even more fabulous in person. It was wonderful catching up with you as well.

  2. It was so nice to see you again Phyllis!

    I love your sketches as well.

    and thankyou very very much.

  3. Hi Amy! This is just lovely!

    It was so great to meet you at Highlights and see your work. (I really was a fan beforehand!) Meant to try to catch up with you again on Sunday morning but just got carried away with talking, I guess. Anyway, see you again some time, I hope!

  4. love the spoon and plate running away... is it a love affair?

  5. Oh yes, Mai! Definitely.

    (They will probably run off and spawn more plates for our lady to spin.)


  6. Jennifer,

    It was great meeting you too. Yeah, books with maps! Everyone needs to know where they are.