Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ketzel the Cat who Composed

My new book Ketzel the Cat Who Composed came out this month.  It is a sweet little story about a sweet little kitty that liked "meowsic."

I am very proud and excited to say that after taking piano for 17 years I finally got a professional gig! Well - to draw a piano, not to play a piano. 

(But just so everyone knows, if you need someone to play a smokin hot Black Forest Polka look no further. skills. we got em.) 

I always like to show some sketches. I feel like they are the bones of the book. 

Sometimes when I am doing sketches I have an idea that seems like  an obvious no brainer at the time, but in retrospect is only good for a laugh.  This is one of those. The disembodied cat paws playing the piano in duet? That is just weird.

Several different versions of the main character in the book, who's name is Moshe, walking around NY city before he finds Ketzel the cat:

kitty love.

and they live happily ever after.


to find out the exciting conclusion, go. buy. the. book.


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  1. I wish the book came with a CD! Can you tell me where to buy a CD with the music? Thanks.