Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Minette's Feast

Minette's Feast is Out!

I am really excited about this book!

It is written by Susanna Reich. Her skilled prose give sizzle to every morsel of this book. I love her words so much I can literally imagine Susanna cooking and sauteeing them over a stove.

Tamar Brazis and Chad Beckerman at Abrams make beautiful books! The care detail and  design make this book a work of art. 

Although I feel like I have a lot I can say about this book, I have no idea where to begin. Here are some answers to some VERY good questions on Anamaria Anderson's blog Books together

Here are a couple of my  favorite spreads:

 (by the way the above image is so very much like me in Japan. I definitely felt a kinship with Julia)

 (this and one other image are inspired by the Parisian artist: Theophile Steinlen.)

About Julia:
Isn't she incomparable, formidable, non?
Who else sucked the marrow of life out of the bone quite like she did? 

About the book:
Buy it. Read it. Check it out. Feed it Grapes.

Bookstore of my choice:
Feel free to support my favorite bookstore, Whistlestop books. Drop them an email, and Jeff will sort you out. At least with books.


  1. thanks, I am really proud of it. :)

  2. Your work is incredible. I am short for words because my brain is just waking up. But in a nutshell thats how I feel about your work.

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